The strength and success of Dileha  is in the projects that have been completed around Our Country   which have sparked the passion for achieving excellence.

Dileha’s expertise includes the design and construction of large-scale developments, low and high-rise buildings, residential and commercial developments. Dileha also has extensive experience in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, having constructed.

Ardhi University Administration Block   and Telecommunications   Towers  benefiting  numerous  of cell phone  customers

Dileha   also has specialist experience in constructing sporting venues with a series of purpose built Olympic sporting venues. In addition Dileha   has also constructed a wide variety of educational buildings, hospitals, libraries, Petro Stations and police stations across Tanzania.

Dileha  has a strong track record in the construction of multiple-lane highways and Infrastructure  related to heavy industry including mining and processing facilities, as well as expertise in the complex construction of submerged structures.

With a large design and build capability Dileha is able to offer all clients a complete turn key construction service, along with value engineering, feasibility studies and complete project management

With dedication to being a socially responsible company, all of Dileha’s processes and ethos are focused on operating in a conscientious manner. Dileha is committed to our fundamental values and takes extensive steps to ensure that the entire Dileha  team adheres to a strict code of business ethics.



Dileha   Projects Team work together to ensure our customers ultimate success, by means of

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Competence
  • Conscientiousness

Our team spirit runs from Top management down, with our extensive internal and external staff training and motivation programs. We regularly contribute to various charity  organizations  and take part in many sponsorships incorporating team spirit



  • To  acquire the involvement of the social community into self development.
  • To  actively   work towards improving skills of the social community and their young generations.
  • To alleviate poverty through creation of employment and development


Dileha  has successfully completed projects in many different disciplines and has the global capabilities to deliver projects in the following sectors:

  • Large scale residential developments
  • Residential and commercial high rise towers
  • Affordable/social housing and cost effective living
  • Luxury villas
  • Motorways
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Infrastructure and civil works
  • Bridges
  • Hospitals, police stations, libraries
  • Public sporting venues
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Amusement parks
  • Submerged structures
  • Retail and commercial fitout
  • Extensions and renovations

Dileha also provides clients with a range of Project Management and Engineering Services   including:

  • Value engineering solutions
  • Construction programme efficiencies
  • Cost planning
  • Construction management
  • Project funding assistance
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Design and build
  • Soil Test
Why Choose Dileha?

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